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Adriana Cubides


Adriana Cubides Born in Vienna to Colombian parents is a freelance performer, maker and teacher. Educated in the field of dance and performance, specialized in performative practices, she works across disciplines and formats. continuously looking for ways to expand the borders of what something can be – be that a field, a role, a category, a concept or the way of defining reality. Her question of how to see differently and how to open new spaces within ourselves is entangled with her desire to find ways for performative strategies to become means for societal processes of transformation.

She has worked with choreographers like Chris Haring, Helene Weinzierl Charlotte Vincent, Elio Gervasi, Philip Van Huffel, Catherine Guerin, Charlotta Overhölm, Willi Dorner, Elisabeth Tambwe, Stefan Dreher, Paul Wenninger, Amanda Piña, Saskia Hölbling, Christine Gaigg and Saint Genet a.o. 2006 she starts making her own work.


I create a space to encounter the creative power of our sexual energy and dive deeply inside our bodies. Actively engaging in different ways of moving our hips, freeing our spines, and connecting with the space inside and around our hearts, we will search for the connection between lower and upper body. We will work on different ways of grounding our bodies, working with breath and  with scores that help us bring our inner awareness into the space and into the way we relate to others through our bodies.

The attention is placed on a fluid quality of movement, and onto consciously activating the transformative power that is held within our body to open new spaces within ourselves.