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Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman

Christine –

Christine Gouzelis is one of the directing members of Jukstapoz Company.  She could always be found performing or busking as a child and is a mixture of Greek/Canadian origins. She worked for the Hellenic Dance Company in Athens, performing for choreographers such as Wim Vandekybus, Anton Lachky, Rootlessroot, Athina Vahla, Pascal Rioult and others.

Christine trained and danced in various projects internationally alongside the renowned David Zambrano since 2004. Member of the Jasmin Vardimon Company in London, where later was appointed rehearsal director for the company. She was also rehearsal director for Anton Lachky and Athina Vahla.

Christine was also the Artist in Residence at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts 2014-2016.  Being nominated by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance for the award of ‘Best Choreography’ and ‘Best Ensemble’ for the work – Fragile Matter. 

Christine has been a senior lecturer at the National Greek Academy of Dance and leads workshops and seminars with esteemed institutions and festivals across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Paul –

Paul Blackman is a founding member of Jukstapoz Company.   Thrown literally headfirst into the performing arts world by his acrobatic & circus trained mother.  Leaving his Australian homeland in 2006 and has since worked internationally with a diverse group of highly regarded and renowned artists in the field of Dance and Theatre – David Zambrano, Jan Lauwers, Jasmin Vardimon, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Alexandra Liedtke, Jonathan Hollander, Athena Vahla, Felicity Bott and others, he is now based in the heart of Athens, Greece. 

He represents one of the original members of the ‘Dancing to Connect’ programme that has now reached over 64 countries worldwide, he also provides choreographic design and movement coaching for some of the most notable opera houses in Europe.  Awarded numerous times for a unique versatility in his performing career, he continues to share his experience widely throughout Europe, the U.K., Asia and Australia in highly regarded dance academies, institutions and festivals.

Jukstapoz Company was formed by Co-directors Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis. The couple is based in Athens – Greece and together they collaborate, choreograph, coach, and carry on throughout various international organisations and festivals.  Jukstapoz creates dance and object theatre with the ambition to entertain curiosity. They observe metaphorical states of being by means of an offbeat cinematic approach. Multilayered atmospheres & inspiring imagery, balance fractured fables of good vs evil in order to descend into symbolism and meaning. With constant investigation of all forms of quality and aesthetics they build intimate uninhibited experiences.

The company strives continuously to establish lasting foundations that uphold their visions. Holding educational and pedagogical training as one of their core foundations – they also offer workshops and seminars around the world at numerous festivals and leading institutions. Whilst engaging with a highly diverse range of artistic platforms ranging from contemporary dance, theatre, opera, community outreach, working with the elderly and so on. They have also received multiple commissions for the engaging work since the company was established in 2010. Their newest production is called ‘Continuim’ that will be choreographed for the acclaimed Göteborg Dance Company and premiers this October 2020.