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Chrysa Parkinson

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Chrysa Parkinson is a Professor of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). She has worked as a professional dancer in the United States and Northern Europe with dance practitioners, visual artists, film makers and curators for over thirty years. Her research focuses on experiential authorship and the performer’s agency: how dance situates itself in practitioners’ lives and how performers, in turn, engage with, dismantle, and reconstitute worlds. Since 2011 Chrysa has directed the New Performative Masters education at the Dance Department of SKH. Currently, Chrysa is performing with Stina Nyberg in Make Hay While the Sun Shines and creating a new dance work with Rebecca Hilton. She is collaborating with Frank Bock on the research project: Dance Studio/Clearings and Converstations and heading a development project with Cullberg (SE) and Rosas (BE) on performers’ experiences of authorship, ownership, and control within artistic works.

Workshop Description:
Roles and Materials/Glitches and Ghosts
Through physical performance practices and guided discussion participants consider
the roles and materials they create for themselves in process and performance.
Glitches, ghosts, empathy, distraction, and inscription are some of the many tools
that will be welcome and in play during the week.