Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Eva Mohn

Eva Mohn holds her BA in Dance Studies from the University of Minnesota and MFA
in New Performative Practices from Stockholm Uniarts. Eva has worked in
Minneapolis, New York, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Sweden as a dance artist
since 2002, and currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden with the Cullberg
Ballet. She is a practitioner of improvisation, hatha yoga, and experiential anatomy
and somatic body work.

About the class: 
Her class is a combination of delicate introspection, rhythmic
coordination, and athletic challenges. She includes time for individual exploration as
well as a guided frame work so that this dance training can be both personal and
collaborative. Her current most distinct movement influences for 2022 are the
Feldenkrais Method and Pickle Ball.