Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Insister Space

Proposal for class/workshop at Danscentrum Stockholm on Fridays!

INSISTER SPACE is an artist driven organisation and platform for freelance artists working within the field of dance and choreography identifying as women and trans. The organisationaims to counter the norms of favourisation and selection in the dance field and to alter thepressure of self presentation, self preservation and self investment. INSISTER SPACE is a supportive structure and meeting point, proposing schemes and scores that artists can enter with their projects and interests. It proposes a contact surface between practices and practitioners and works to disrupt the temporality of the project-based market as well as its competitive forces. By proposing gatherings on a continuous basis INSISTER SPACE wants to alter the everyday life of the freelance dancer, where contracts are short and structures for stability reserved to few. The gatherings weave a web producing the support and safetynecessary to step away from competition towards solidarity and sisterhood.

Developing knowledge together:
INSISTER SPACE asks how this contact surface can facilitate a collective production of knowledge, where practices can be developed critically and particular matters can be studied. The organisation has been working on scores that supports members in making proposals and leading a collective study. The score encourages them to go public and to give into the uncertainty of unsettled things. It asks for sharing through a questioning approach and wishes to un-write notions of success and authorship. Members are invited to host a collective study rather than teaching something they already know. The group puts their interests and desires into practice and study issues by doing things together rather than teaching and being taught. INSISTER SPACE wants to facilitate production of knowledge and critical practice rather than improving practitioners or training the body as a tool. The format asks the practitioners to leave traces and to write texts as responses to an issue that interests them.

AT ISSUE: PRACTICE at Danscentrum Stockholm.

AT ISSUE is the name of the weekly collective inquiry taking place within the organisation. It is usually a members’ activity on Wednesdays from 18:00-20:00. The three or four first Wednesdays of the month are devoted to practicing and the last one to performing.

INSISTER SPACE is sharing the score for practicing in a 2 hour format on a regular basis at Danscentrum Stockholm on Fridays (see dates on the schedule), open for members to participate for free, led by the members of the organisation. The class/practice is open to all professional free-lance dancers with the same terms as all the other classes within the daily training in Stockholm.