Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm


Morning Classes at MDT, 16-20 september 2019

AT ISSUE // After-Death-Dances // Vanessa Virta // INSISTER SPACE

Hi! I will share my favourite thoughts and movements with you next week. After-death for me means right now alive, so the focus will be in pleasure in everything we do. I like some ballet moves, kicking legs, going around and articulating feet. Also I like touching and moving with sensations of touch. So these things are offered to you with finnish dark humor and enthusiasm. It will probably be a little sweaty and there will be possibility to focus on your own body rather than my exciting ideas, which I do not have, but I have heard many great things that I can share with you! 

Monday-Friday week 38 10.00-11.30 @Mdt, Skeppsholmen. Everyone is welcome to join! 

Vanessa Virta is a dancer, choreographer and rapper based in Helsinki Finland. Her work often includes dark humor, strong feelings, headbanging, sweat and sometimes even tears or other fluids. 

//AT ISSUE is a structure that facilitates collective studies of artistic proposals//

//INSISTER SPACE is an artist-driven organisation, platform and network for freelance artists within the field of dance and choreography that aims to sustain and nourish artistic work in collegial formats//

This week’s morning classes is a collaboration between Danscentrum Stockholm, MDT and INSISTER SPACE.