Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm


AT ISSUE: practicing

Morning Classes at Danscentrum Stockholm, 27-29 and 31 May 2019

AT ISSUE: practicing is a structure that facilitates collective studies of artistic proposals. During each class members from the organisation INSISTER SPACE will host sessions during which a proposal (such as a question, task, theme or material) is put forth and then studied collectively. During these classes we will respond to the issue at hand, articulate and share experiences, leave traces and, in turn, see how the different proposals affect and contaminate each other throughout the week.

INSISTER SPACE is an artist-driven organisation, platform, and network for freelance artists within the field of dance and choreography. The organisation aims to be a supportive structure, producing meeting points that value the potential of many and resist the pressure of self-promotion and self-preservation in the freelance field. INSISTER SPACE is an organisation for artists within dance, performance and choreography who identify as non-binary, cis-women, trans-women, and trans-men. The organisation works by collectively developing strategies and meeting points to sustain and nourish artistic work in a collegial format.

N.B. Although INSISTER SPACE is a separatist organisation, these AT ISSUE classes are not; everyone is welcome.