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Jannine Rivel

Jannine CVJannine works within the field of dance with movement through choreography, dance and teaching.
Jannine received her Certification in Klein Technique™ from Susan Klein in 2009. She teaches classes and travels internationally to give workshops. She has taught in cities like New York, Oslo, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg and at places like The Gothenburg Opera, DNA, Labor Gras, La Caldera to name a few. Jannine has studied Klein Technique™ with Certified and Master Teacher Susan Klein, Barbara Mahler and Karin M. Jameson.
She holds one degree as a dancer/performer from The Royal Swedish Ballet School, Stockholm, Sweden, and one as dance pedagogy from the University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm, Sweden.  Jannine produces and choreographs her own work and she enjoys working and dancing in collaborations with movement based artists and performers. Jannine is interested in the endless movement possibilities the body offers and the relationship between stillness and movement. In teaching she shares her knowledge and learns. www.janninerivel.com