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Jeanine Durning


Fotograf Chris Cameron

Jeanine Durning is a practitioner in the field of dance, performance and choreography. Her work has been described by The New Yorker as having both “the potential for philosophical revelation and theatrical disaster.” Her research often concerns the interrogation of the dancing body as a mobilizing force for change, which has the potential to shift perception of self, other, and the spaces we (collectively) inhabit. She’s interested in choreography as a ways and means to frame how our thinking and feeling come to form and action, and how our basic need for connection and communication aligns, and often misaligns, in relation to our desires.Jeanine has an ongoing practice, nonstopping, which has been the foundation for her teaching and choreographic praxis since 2010. She’s performed her “signature” solo inging (based on her nonstop speaking practice) more than 50 times across the US, in Europe and Canada. Jeanine has had the privilege to collaborate with many choreographers, including Deborah Hay since 2005, working as performer, consultant, choreographic assistant, and coach. Durning has been invited to share some of her practices all over the world through teaching, mentoring/advising, and creating choreographies. Her most recent collaboration was with Candoco Dance Company creating Last Shelter which premiered at Sadler’s Wells/London in October 2021, and is currently working on a book project in collaboration with Jenn Joy and MANCC based on Jeanine’s practice. A native New Yorker, Jeanine has been working in Stockholm the last couple of years as one of the rehearsal directors for Cullberg.

Class description
Here are some strategies for our practice together:

+ start before you’re ready + remove preparation + don’t hesitate + once you start, keep going past the point when you want to stop + pass through yourself and the space + it’s already happening + erase the memory image so you can notice where you are + background content and foreground action + what you are doing is the thing + don’t search for it + listen to yourself + zoom in, zoom out + see yourself from the outside + emotion is motion + be in relation, always + refresh your desire, not your intention + everything is possible but not anything goes + there is precision in possibility + everything is useful + accept the materials that are coming up + include more, notice more + remove cause and effect + be where you are, not where you want to be + leave the past behind + take in, give out, simultaneously + don’t compose but notice the composition unfolding + there is no there to get to + purposeful purposelessness