Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Mari Carrasco


Mari Carrasco is a Stockholm based choreographer from Sweden/Chile. Carrasco graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm 2008. Since then, Carrasco has established herself as a well renowned choreographer in Sweden.Carrasco has done commission work for: Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, Region Teater Väst, Riksteatern,Dansstationen,Unga Klara,Sthlm 59 north, Vällingby Stadsteater and Verve Leeds UK. Alongside her choreographic work Carrasco has been teaching professionals and dance educations in Sweden.

About the class/Listen to the music!
I am currently exploring groove and flow in my class.
I guide the dancers without stopping. I start with easy exercises, so everyone can follow. I focus on core strength and getting warm from the inside and out. I continue to guide through a session of walking, running and rebound. The tempo will become more intense the further we go.  I continue with giving tasks based on rhythm and to listen to the music and become the music.
At the end of the class I teach a phrase or we do a longer task related session together.
My focus is to play and research together with the dancers and the aim is to connect to the pleasure of moving.

Instagram: mari_____carrasco
Bild, Foto: Thomas Zamolo