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Mari Carrasco

mari_carrasco_161216_1062Mari Carrasco is a Stockholm based dancer and choreographer from Sweden/Chile. She has studied at DOCH the School of Dance and Circus, Dance New Amsterdam in New York and graduated from Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2008.

Mari started to create work during her education and have been producing her own independent work from 2009. Since then Mari has established herself as a well renowned choreographer in Sweden. She got her first national and international break through as a choreographer with her piece BARTOLOMEO. Together with her dancers; Elin Hallgren, Bianca Traum and Rita Lemivaara they did over 100 performances in Sweden in collaboration with RIKSTEATERN. In 2014 Mari produced a successful world tour with the same piece performing at festivals in; New York, Tokyo, Okinawa, Amman, Ramallah, Capri, Madrid, Vilnius, Roskilde, Chur, Belfast and Helsinki. BARTOLOMEO also won the PRIX D’ASSITEJ 2013.

Mari’s work span from many different types of choreographic concepts and contexts. She has worked with dancers, musicians and actors and created for both children/youth and adults. Mari has done work for intimate spaces as well as creating larger scale productions and made commission work for NORRDANS, RIKSTEATERN, DANSSTATIONEN, UNGA KLARA and for THE BLACK BOX COMPANY in Denmark.

Mari works with a thinking and a physical body. Her movement language is explosive, fast and her work is characterized by an enormous intensity that is both calm and ready to explode. In all of Mari’s pieces there is a continues flow and a sense of groove. She creates performances that have a wild and burning quality and there is often an element of risk and danger.

Alongside her choreographic work Mari has been teaching professionals and dance students all over Sweden. She has been a quest teacher at Balettakademien in Göteborg/Stockholm, DOCH the School of Dance and Circus and for Cullbergbaletten. Mari is also an ongoing teacher for the daily training for professional dancers at Danscentrum in Stockholm.