Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Mirko Guido

Mirko Guido’s choreographic practice is driven by an investigation of the body and the individual as a multilayered relational subject, intra-connected to its environment. In his work he adopts various means including dance, participatory methods, spoken word, text and video. His works have been presented in numerous venues around Europe, and he has been artist in residence at centres such as Summer Studios Rosas, Work Space Brussels; Uferstudios Berlin; PACT Zollverein, Essen; Dansens Hus and MDT in Stockholm, among many others. Mirko is a former Cullberg Ballet dancer and holds a Master’s degree in Performative Practice from DOCH/SKH Stockholm.

About the class:
During the classes Mirko will work with choreographic practices that he is developing as part of his current project. The practice employs dance and spoken word and explores how to generate a performative environment of dense and variable interconnections. We will begin with a work of subtle attention to the epidermal surface, and then slowly expand into an exploration across space, through encounters and interactions between dancers. The practice invites the dancer to continuously shift attention between the intimate individual gesture and the larger movement of the group, generating intertwining and forms of commingles. The overall movement of the group acts as an extended consciousness.

Each day the class will propose a particular focus, taking the last of the 4 days to embrace them all. The first 2 days focus on the movement practice. The 3rd day we work with a practice of “intersubjective microstorytelling”. On the 4th day we fuse them together. It is therefore recommended to attend all 4 classes in order to have a comprehensive immersion in the work.