Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

My Wild Flag

31/8 Monday – Shirley Harthey Ubilla

Abject of Desire portrays an agency, a process which is constantly in relation to contradictions. In the process of AOD I physically engaged in the concepts of “otherness” and “becoming”. Based on that (med utgångspunkt i det), the workshop will focus on constant drooling while raising/lowering the volume of one’s own dance practice.

“As a female, non-heterosexual, non-white body, I am highly aware of the fact that bodies matter, as do their performances of gender, race, class, functionality and sexuality. The lived flesh experience of a non-conforming body, on and off stage, is one that influences all of my artistic and educational work”.

Recent work includes her debut solo performance Abject of Desire presented in Dansens Hus in Stockholm (2018).l She is also a member of the dance and performance group JUCK. Their work is based upon a will and need to expand the notion of femininity and the feminized body. Shirley is now currently working on her next solo piece “Cyborg Me” that will premiere at MDT fall 2021.


1/9 Tuesday – Paula Chavez Bonilla

During this morning movement class we will tune in and invoke the spirits of the coca plant, cocaine and coca-cola. We will rave and sweat on underground tunes to exorcize and detox the hetero-racist-capitalist toxins stores in our bodies. Embodying the ghore while playful and luring our demons while inhabiting dystopic realities. I am interested in movement research, punk, somatic practices, activism, gender fuckery, aesthetic bastardisms and syncretic belief systems. 

Bring shoes and your anti-systemic smile ♡


2/9 Wednesday – Rani Nair

not you typical dance class. 

Memory har been a recurrent theme in my work. This is a class where we are working with this and having fun. I try to find my way back to the body after childbirth, and my practice of yoga, that i have worked with the last two decades. We will add Kalarippayat and other useful and other nice exercises I have learned on my travels around the world and the stories that goes with them.


3/3 Thursday – Cajsa Godeé

“My class will focus on the meeting of voice and movement. I am especially interested exploring the voice as a motor to create dance, practice rhythm through voice and movement and create interactions where we have a space to fail, explore and discover ourselves and the collective body.”

Cajsa Godeé is a dancer and choreographer with streetdance background. Cajsa studied contemporary dance at the Art University of Berlin and is a member of the collective JUCK.

// About the festival: 

My Wild Flag – internationell dans- och performancefestival i Stockholm. 

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost! 

How do we deal, even dance with this sentence, through legacies, pandemics and time?

Is it in the social, the being together, the flesh that bodies comes into being? Here, as dancers, as live elements in flux, we have the great possibility to speak to our present times, urges and localities. 

The dance and choreography festival My Wild Flag is back at Danscentrum Stockholm, and for the fourth time the festival resurrects to bring your wiggly wiggly into raptures, finituttes and gasping togetherness. Morning classes by Rani Nair, Ofelia Jarl Orthega, and Paula Chaves among others! See you on the floor. 

The festival is co-hosted by MDT and will happen there and at Mindepartementet/royal academy of arts in collaboration with DOCH/Uniarts and Danscentrum Stockholm 31/8-5/9. My Wild Flag is curated by Karina Sarkissova and Pontus Pettersson. 

My Wild Flag is an international dance and choreography festival. MWF consists of local and international acts and scenarios that proposes contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. MWF wants to meet current urgencies where bodies, thinking and beings disturb and embrace the ways we discuss our reality in relation to an international infrastructure. We invite more raw than ready works, that can be close to the audience and its locality. Choreographing a festival program that can find new forms of being together, in different constellations and proposals, For this years festival MDT is CO-hosting the festival together with supporting structures Uniarts and Danscentrum Stockholm 31/8-5/9.

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