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My Wild Flag

Tamara Alegre

Vendela blackout


This year My wild flag have invited choreographer Tamara Alegre to co-curate the morning classes and host a workshop.

Starting with morning classes by teachers from the local dancehall community, then participating in Tamaras workshop. This is a way to bridge artistic practices with dance practices and invite participation on a broader scale. 

MORNINGCLASS 10-11.30 : Vendela Blackout + TBA + Tamara Alegre

My wild flag also arrange a workshop after the Daily training program:
WORKSHOP 12-14.00: on sensuous  embodiments, sound vibrations, repetition & Dancehall – Tamara Alegre
Sign up for the workshop with an email to karina@mywildflag.com

Class description

we will work with sound vibrations as a source and material to access embodiments, physical and mental states, fiction and dance. emphasis is on the areas around the sexual organs: hips, ass, belly and genitals. participants should be open and curious to work from a sensual ground. we will also work with techniques for ass shaking. we will work with one of the choreographies from NX FUIMO, Tamara Alegre’s latest work,  and practice and repeat steps and moves.

the workshop is linked to the Dancehall morning classes and should be vieed as such, participation in it is highly recommended, as Dancehall inspires some of the work that will be done in the workshop.


About Tamara

Tamara Alegre works with dance and choreography in a field of research that revolves around sensual embodiments, fictions on sexuality and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. They have a growing passion for Dancehall and questions as a white person having access to black culture, how to make bridges and exchanges between Dancehall and their work. Being involved in collaborative exchanges is essential to their practice. Tamara studied European Business and Psychology and worked as programming underground music, DJ and tour manager until 2016. In 2018, they obtained an MA in Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm. She has previously danced for La Ribot and Mårten Spångberg, Nikima Jagudajev, Carlos María Romero and PRICE and is now a three-year artist in residence at Arsenic, Lausanne. Tamara just premiered NX FUIMO, the second work of the tryptic that started with FIEBRE.


About Vendela

Vendela is one of the founders of the world-renowned dance group Blackout (Sweden). She gives dance classes, arrange dance events and gives the students opportunity to go to Jamaica, which she visits several times a year to keep herself updated in the dancehall scene.

With her charisma and educational way to pass on her knowledge she has gained a lot of popularity and respectability from dancers worldwide.

About Mardzz

Demar Martin otherwise know as Mardzz alliance is a co founder and member of “team motion wave” in the dancehall community and also a member of the dancehall dance association, Mardzz as we know is a dancehall dancer that teaches all levels of authentic dancehall, from Old School, Bogle Moves, Middle School and New School, Mardzz is a very down to earth and reliable person, but otherwise he’s very determine and a hard worker at any task given.

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