Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

My Wild Flag

My Wild Flag – internationell dans- och performancefestival på HALLEN i Farsta och Danscentrum Stockholm

Välkommen till professionella dansklasser på Danscentrum Stockholm! På Danscentrum Stockholm kan ni ta klasser med festivalens konstnärer. Med community som en av våra kuratoriska pelare, vill vi skapa rum som är caring och daring, med kroppar som läcker, gör motstånd och vågar gå in i det okända. Kroppar som vill allt och inget, men i rörelse hittar allianser och styrkor. Vecka 37 kommer konstnärerna att dela med sig av sina praktiker, metoder och skapa lokala utbyten. Vi vill mixa de festivalens kuratoriska intentioner med den dagliga träningen, där alla möts och svettas tillsammans. Varje dag är ett nytt förslag, en ny kropp och nya tankar och nya relationer i tid och rum. 


Mån 9/9 10-11.30 Nadja Hjorton

Tis 10/9 10-11.30 Paolo de Venecia Gile

Ons 11/9 10-11.30 Michele Rizzo

Tor 12/9 10-11.30 Jen Rosenblit

Fre 13/9 10-11.30 Meleat Fredriksson

Nadja Hjorton

Nadja will share some physical practices she is busy with in her art making and every day work. You will get your blood flow going and your memory activated. Also there will be some hard core workout inspired by Muay thai training.


Paolo de Venecia Gile

Paolo will be sharing some strategies to come close to the vocabulary of macho dancing as they happen in the Philippines.

We get hot and sustain it, to playfully show off and hide at the same time. We’ll move through muscular tones, undulations and 3 styles of vision. We’ll breathe, (un)screw, pivot and get handy. Macho dancing could be a move away from release technique. It’s an easy dance that appears hard and vice versa. Powerballads & RnB will be friend and foe, configuring negative space into a potential place of romance.


Recommendations: Kneepads, semi/tight-fitting top, shorts. Indoor shoes or barefeet. A belt or cloth for one of the exercises.


Michele Rizzo

We will be exploring the possibility of introverted choreography, dancing for ourselves while entraining light trance states, becoming spectators of our own actions and finally flirting with the fantasy of merging within the environment we inhabit, erasing the limits of the body. 

The work is constituted of various perceptual practices, which embrace club dancing, chilling and self hypnosis. 


Jen Rosenblit

Feeling right navigates the body’s constant capacity to build and consistent drive toward autonomy while collecting the architectures of feelings which texture our narratives. With references somewhere between fetish toys and survival kits, this work considers the gathering of tools amidst a practice which sharpens dull things and files down sharp things. On site will be a black rope, a large black sheet of nylon, a rock climbing harness and some black tape. We will consider possible exit strategies through the collection of each other’s fantasies.


Meleat Fredriksson

How you gonna do it if you really don’t wanna dance

By standing up the wall?

(Get your back up off the wall)


Tell me baby

How you gonna do it if you really won’t take a chance

By standing up the wall?

(Get your back up off the wall)