Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm


      • Adriana Cubides

        Posted by Erik Linghede on december 3, 2021

          Adriana Cubides Born in Vienna to Colombian parents is a freelance performer, maker and teacher. Educated in the field of dance and performance, specialized in performative practices, she works across disciplines and formats. continuously looking for ways to expand the borders of what something can be – be that a field, a role, a category, […]

      • Mirko Guido

        Posted by Erik Linghede on november 10, 2021

        Mirko Guido’s choreographic practice is driven by an investigation of the body and the individual as a multilayered relational subject, intra-connected to its environment. In his work he adopts various means including dance, participatory methods, spoken word, text and video. His works have been presented in numerous venues around Europe, and he has been artist […]

      • Knut Vikström Precht

        Posted by Erik Linghede on oktober 27, 2021

        Bio. Knut Vikström Precht. Knut is a dancer and performer currently based in Berlin. Born, raised and educated in Sweden, he has worked and performed all over Europe and toured on four continents. After completing his studies at the University of Dance and Circus(DOCH/UniArts) in Stockholm in 2013, he has been involved in contexts of […]

      • Peter Mills

        Posted by Erik Linghede on augusti 27, 2021

        Peter Mills (SE) 23.02.87 better known as the choreographer PETER (Stateless) was educated in dance from a young age, Peter has encountered and worked with ephemeral things with a critical mind challenging definition and objectivity. This has led Peter on an adventurous path within highly narrative expressions of dance, movement and action, within musical theatre, […]

      • Horacio Macuacua

        Posted by Erik Linghede on augusti 19, 2021

        HORACIO MACUACUA (ES/MOZ) The Mozambican dancer and choreographer is the artistic director of the dance company which bears his name. Horacio Macuacua develops projects that aim to go beyond established forms. Flexibility of mind and availability to catch the moment translate movement instantly into compositions that are complex and elaborated, displaying depth and playfulness, darkness […]

      • Sarah Stanley

        Posted by Erik Linghede on augusti 19, 2021

        Sarah Stanley is from Houston, TX where she trained at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.  She graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase with six months as a guest student at Taipei National University of the Arts.  Sarah lived and worked in New York for several years as a freelancer with […]

      • Irene Hultman

        Posted by Erik Linghede on augusti 19, 2021

        Iréne Hultman is a native of Sweden and a New York based choreographer, performer and educator. She has toured extensively with her own company and is a former member and rehearsal Director of Trisha Brown Dance Company. Hultman has also choreographed several opera productions, received commissions and participated in artistic collaboration with both individuals and institutions such as Dia […]

      • Victoria Andersson

        Posted by Erik Linghede on maj 25, 2021

        Viktoria Andersson, född och uppvuxen i Umeå, är verksam dansare i och utanför Sverige med bas i Stockholm. Hon är utbildad vid SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Accademy of Dance) 2005-2009. Under sin utbildning var hon del av “Bohdi Project” som ingick i samarbeten med koreograferna Matej Kejzar, Rob Hayden och Vanessa Justice. Efter sin examen har […]

      • Marie Kaae

        Posted by Erik Linghede on maj 19, 2021

        House dance is a freestyle street dance and social dance that has roots in the underground house music scene of Chicago and New York. House dance is often improvised and emphasizes fast and complex foot-oriented steps combined with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work. There is an emphasis on the subtle rhythms […]

      • Mona Namer

        Posted by Erik Linghede on april 22, 2021

        Mona Namér är dansare och koreograf från Göteborg och främst verksam inom stilarna Hip Hop och House. Hon har jobbat och tränat i New York, Paris, London och Johannesburg, och bland hennes samarbeten finns artister som Little Dragon och Branko. Tillsammans med danskompaniet Twisted Feet har Mona skapat föreställningar på Stora Teatern, Göteborgsoperan, för VOLVO Trucks och turnerat i Mexiko […]

      • Tea Harryson

        Posted by Erik Linghede on april 9, 2021

                    Tea Harryson frilansar som dansare och koreograf, och är baserad i Stockholm. Hon är medlem i Norrköpingsbaserade Blauba Danskollektiv, som har ett starkt fokus på uppsökande scenkonst för barn och unga, med utgångspunkt i Östergötland. Hon medverkar som dansare och koreograf i danskollektivet IN Action, även detta baserat i […]

      • Toby Gunn

        Posted by Erik Linghede on februari 11, 2021

        Toby is a British dance artist who has been dancing for money since 1990! In the mid-90s, he ran the experimental choreographic workgroup Toby Gunn et al.  As a dancer during the past 30 yrs. he has danced for, and collaborated with, a number of companies and choreographers (just a few of these include Russell Maliphant, […]

      • Maele Sabuni

        Posted by Erik Linghede on september 16, 2020

        Maele ”CHEZA” Sabuni har en lång bakgrund i den svenska streetdansscenen, framförallt som deltagare i olika tävlingar/battles där han vunnit titlar som Juste Debout Nordic, Abyss Housedance experience etc. Studerade två år på Åsa folkhögskola, Five styles och Two Styles (Hiphouse). Idag frilansar han (även internationellt) som Dansare/Koreograf/DJ i olika sammanhang; TV, artister, föreställningar, turnéer […]

      • Hanna Hedman

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on februari 16, 2020

                                          Hanna Hedman born 1976, is a swedish dancer, assistant choreographer and teacher living in Paris. After graduating from the  swedish ballet school in 1996 she has worked as a freelance dancer/performer internationally with various choreographers and artists such as […]

      • Antoinette Helbing

        Posted by Erik Linghede on februari 7, 2020

        Antoinette Helbing – The Low Flow Class description: The Low Flow is an exercise based class proposing an entrance into a physical and mental state of availability. The class is built on three ground pillars – the simultaneous waking up of the body and mind aiming for a state of readiness and availability – the strengthening […]

      • Tove Sahlin

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on februari 2, 2020

        Tove Sahlin är Riksteaterns huskoreograf 2019-2020. Inom Riksteaterns ramar skapar hon i uppdrag att skapa  två scenkonstverk, Helheten och Närheten.  Båda föreställningarna utforskar människans känsla av delaktighet och sammanhang på olika sätt. Helheten turnerade under hösten 2019 och Närheten har premiär 24 mars 2020 i Slite Kyrka på Gotland.   I Toves morgonklass på Danscentrum får en delta […]

      • Marcus Baldemar

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 19, 2020

        Marcus Baldemar, originally from Kiruna, is a dancer and choreographer now based in Stockholm, Sweden. For the majority of his professional life he lived in Brussels, Belgium where he was educated at P.A.R.T.S. Before that he attended Balettakademien in Umeå as well as SEAD in Salzburg, Austria. Since graduating in 2008 Marcus has been working […]

      • Lisa Janbell

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 17, 2020

        Lisa Janbell är en självproducerande dansare och koreograf, utbildad i Bailes Folkloricos på danshögskolan i Havanna, Kuba, El Instituto Superior de Arte. Hon är konstnärlig ledare för SOMOS Dance Company och verksam i performance duon Dos Oké.  Lisa har sedan 2010 gjort egenproducerade verk och turnéer samt uppdrag för bl.a Scenkonst Sörmland, Riksteatern och Teatro […]

      • Lito Walkey

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 17, 2020

        Litó Walkey, of Canadian and Greek origins, is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin. Her artistic processes explore the potential of collaboratively re-routing patterns of attention within language and performance. Recent projects were developed with Weld Company and Fylkingen (Stockholm); BCN and MEZANNINE (Porto); Labor Sonor and Tanznacht (Berlin). Following her 9-year teaching position at HZT Berlin, Litó initiated a publication on the entanglement of artistic […]

      • Salka Ardal Rosengren

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 17, 2020

        Salka jobbar med dans och performance. Hon är uppväxt i Stockholm men flyttade till Bryssel 2006 där hon utbildade sig på P.A.R.T.S. och gick ut 2010. Salka har skapat verk tillsammans med Mikko Hyvönen (Trash Talk), Nicholas Hoffman (The Thing With a Hook) och Andrew Hardwidge (subbodybodysub). Som dansare har Salka bland annat jobbat med: […]

      • Papis Faye

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 13, 2020

        Shortly about Papis Faye Papis Faye (Senegal) based in Belgium and Stockholm, for the moment studying in ”P.A.R.T.S” (Performing Arts and Research studios) Brussels, Belgium. Previously he is educated in Blaise Senghor and Ecole des Sables in Senegal, school of Maman germaine Acogny. When he was in Senegal he was a member of the Company […]

      • Ivailo Valev

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on januari 13, 2020

          Graduated the Swedish ballet School in 1985. The same year he became a member of the “Royal Swedish Ballet”, where he danced leading roles and solo parts in the classical and neoclassical repertory. During the period of 21 years Mr.Valev was a Teacher, Rehearsal Director and a Ballet Master with the Royal Swedish Ballet. […]

      • Sofia Södergård

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on oktober 1, 2019

                    Sofia Södergård, frilansande dansare, koreograf och skådespelare. Utbildad på Balettakademien i Sthlm samt klubbdans scenen i New York. Är en av grundarna till danskompaniet P*fect. Senaste året har Södergård koreograferat Familjen Kaos – de redan Frälsta, spelat Elake Måns i Pelle Svanslös musikalen och medverkar just nu i Tolvskillingsoperan […]

      • Alvin Collantes

        Posted by Johan Forsberg on september 11, 2019

        Alvin Collantes Alvin is a certified Gaga teacher, photographer and dance artist based in Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany. He completed the Gaga Teacher’s Training Course in 2018 under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan with the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council’s Skills & Careers Development Grant for Artists of Colour and Canada […]

      • Paloma Madrid

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 18, 2019

        Paloma Madrid choreographer, performer, dancer and dance educator. As an active and emerging artist, she has begun to describe herself as the “poetical body investigator”. Proposing the body as a medium in constant change and knowledge-producer. Madrid works are constantly exploring the intersection between collaborative art and social choreography. Her work is always searching for […]

      • Sanna Jansson

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 18, 2019

        Sanna Jansson arbetar som frilansande dansare och tog sitt diplom från Balettakademin Stockholm 2011. Under sitt avgångsår var hon även en del av ungdomsprojektet NuDans på GöteborgsOperan. Hon har medverkat i shower och tv-produktioner som Magnus Den Store med Magnus Uggla, Julgalan, Melodifestivalen, Sommarkrysset, Kvällen Är Din m fl. Under 2015/16 blev hon kontrakterad som […]

      • Linda Blomqvist

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 18, 2019

        Linda Blomqvist born in Stockholm, 1985 is a choreographer and dancer. Her work aims to expand the notion of choreography with a focus on alternative modes of production, process and practice from a speculative viewpoint taking various forms and expressions. Linda studied dance at The Royal Swedish Ballet School 1995-2004 and at P.A.R.T.S 2008-2010. She’s […]

      • Miles Hoare*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 17, 2019

        Miles graduated from the prestigious Bird College in London. His passion for Musicals led him to play favourite roles in Saturday Night Fever, My Fair Lady, Wicked, Singin’ In The Rain, CATS, Crazy For You, La Cage Aux Folles, Beauty And The Beast, Top Hat, Billy Elliot and Kinky Boots. Miles has also been Assistant […]

      • Michelle Boulé

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 17, 2019

        Michelle Boulé is a choreographer, performer, teacher and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner based in New York. Her work has received commissions and presentations from The Chocolate Factory, Danspace Project, River to River Festival, American Realness, ISSUE Project Room, Mount Tremper Arts Festival, Dance and Process at The Kitchen, Movement Research at Judson Church, Center for Performance Research, Catch Performance Series, and […]

      • Yuri Zhukov

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 17, 2019

        Yuri Zhukov began his dance studies at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia and danced professionally with The Kirov Ballet, The San Francisco Ballet, and The Birmingham Royal Ballet. Over the course of his career he performed leading roles in classical ballets such as Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Nutcracker. Balanchine’s […]

      • Paul White*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 14, 2019

        Paul White, is an Australian born dance-artist who is currently based in Berlin. Until 2017 he was employed by Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. His twenty-year long career as a performer and artistic collaborator includes engagements with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, DV8 Physical Theatre, Tanja Liedtke, Nigel Jamieson, Australian Dance Theatre, Chunky Move, Narelle Benjamin, Kristina Chan, […]

      • Julia Sundberg*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 13, 2019

        Julia Sundberg har varit yrkesverksam sedan 1984 efter utbildning vid Balettakademien i Stockholm och vid The London Contemporary Dance School. Julia har dansat både i repertoarkompani och som frilans samarbetat med samtida koreografer. Under de senaste åren av sin danskarriär har Julia arbetet med Cristina Caprioli. *Daglig träning klasserna denna vecka är ett samarbete mellan ccap och Danscentrum […]

      • Jenia Kasatkina

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 13, 2019

        Originally from Russia, Jenia Kasatkina is now based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). She has been teaching Countertechnique since 2012, after studying it since 2004 and attending the Countertechnique Teacher Training in 2012 and 2014. Jenia studied modern and contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy / Codarts in the Netherlands. During her education and after her […]

      • Patrik Riber

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 4, 2019

        Patrik är utbildad vid Kungliga Balettskolan i Stockholm och i Los Angeles och New York bl a hos The Edge, Millenium och Debbie Reinholds. Han har medverkat i My Fair Lady, Chicago, Billy Elliot och Sveng med SubZero på Stockholms Stadsteater. Han har turnerat med Ladies Night och gjort en mängd shower i TV, Melodifestivalen, Världens Barn, Let’s Dance m fl samt […]

      • Yeknom: Winston Reynolds & Axel Guérin

        Posted by Babis Harall on mars 5, 2019

        Winston and Axel graduated from Circomedia (FDA course, 2010-2012). And then went on to complete their Bachelor at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Netherlands, 2012-2016). Within this education they both specialised in acrobatic dance and contact partnering.
They have been guided and influenced by the teachings of Alexander Vantournhout, who introduced them to several […]

      • Sigrid Vik

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 28, 2019

        Sigrid Vik er utdannet fra den nasjonale danselinjen ved Fagerborg vgs Oslo, Broadway Dance center og Balettakademien Stockholm. Siden endt utdannelse har Sigrid jobbet som pedagog, utøver og koreograf i Norge, England og Tyskland. Hun har blant annet undervist på Pineapple Dance Studios i London, danset i Flash Dance das Musical på turne i Tyskland […]

      • Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 21, 2019

        Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena was trained as a dancer in Spain and worked professionally for 16 years. She has an MFA specialised in Choreography from the University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm, and is studying to become Somatic Movement Educator at the Body-Mind Centering School. In 2010, she began to re-stage choreographies by Johan Inger for […]

      • Asher Lev

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 13, 2019

        Workshop – Caring for the creative process – Asher Lev
        Deadline för ansökan är den 30 mars 2019

      • Robert Hewitt*

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 5, 2019

        Born in the UK and educated at the Royal Ballet School in London, Robert danced professionally with the Vienna State Opera Ballet and the Norwegian National Ballet Company. Since 2001 he has been working as a freelance teacher in classical ballet, working regularly with such companies as Cullberg Ballet, Carte Blanche Norway, Göteborg Danskompani, Skånes […]

      • Pauline Eddeborn

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 1, 2019

        Pauline Eddeborn är en professionell dansare med sin bas i Stockholm. Hon är utbildad på Diambra och har tränat flera olika stilar. Pauline har stått på både nationella som internationella scener bakom artister, i TV och i scenproduktioner. Hennes kärlek till dans, musik, uttryck och performance är det som driver henne samt influerar hennes undervisning.

      • Louise Bennett

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 22, 2019

        I am a London-based ballet teacher, rehearsal director, choreographer and company manager. I trained at The Royal Ballet School and danced with the Norwegian National Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet and English National Ballet. After a serious back injury halted my training at age eighteen, I completed a BA in English Literature at Royal Holloway, University […]

      • Asher Lev

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 22, 2019

        Born in Canada in 1981, Asher Lev is a teacher, dancer, choreographer whose works have toured in festivals in Europe, Israel, Canada and the U.S. He has worked as a dancer for dance companies such as Batsheva in Tel-Aviv, directed by Ohad Naharin, Carte Blanche in Norway and has joined many dance and performance projects […]

      • Julia Ehrstrand

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 22, 2019

        Julia Ehrstrand utexaminerades med en bachelorgrad i dans / undervisning från DOCH / Universitetet i cirkus och dans (Stockholm). Hon har också studerat på Institut del Teatro (Barcelona) och examen från ISVP-programmet på DNA 2009. Sedan han kom till New York i 2007 har hon dansat för TNSP, Jana Hicks / Marijke Eliasberg, Max Stone, […]

      • Sebastian Lingserius

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 17, 2019

        Sebastian Lingserius attended the master program in choreography at DOCH headed by Mårten Spångberg between2008-2010. Sebastian’s latest piece ”POLY” had premiere at MDT in Sthlm, and before that ”KROPPSMASKINER” which premiered in The House of Dance in the autumn of 2017. Retrospectively he has done pieces in important housesin Sweden since 2010 since finishing the […]

      • Anne-Mareike Hess

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 17, 2019

        ANNE-MAREIKE HESS is a choreographer and dancer based in Berlin and Luxembourg. She studied at the Conservatory in Luxembourg, at the HfMDK in Frankfurt/Main and at HZT Inter-University Center for Dance in Berlin (Master in Choreography). Her productions “I believe that we are having a dialogue” (2012), “Tanzwut”(2014) and “Synchronization in process”(2016) have toured to […]

      • Anna Pehrsson

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 17, 2019

        Anna Pehrsson, född i Boliden, Sverige, är dansare och koreograf verksam i skärningspunkten mellan dans, koreografi och bildkonst. Hon har dansat med Alias ​​Compagnie, Corpus DKT och Cullberg Ballet, och har sedan sin koreografiska debut 2016 skapat ett brett spektrum av verk, inklusive beställningsverk – solo – och gruppverk – utomhus, för gallerirummet, såväl som […]

      • Jon Ole Olstad

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 8, 2019

        Jon Ole Olstad started dancing at 16, realizing it to be his greatest passion. He was accepted into the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2009. After college, he was hired for the tour project “Kamuyot”, a collaboration between the Swedish Riksteatern, and Batsheva Dance Company, led by […]

      • Judith Simon

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 8, 2019

        Judith Simon började sin utbildning 1981 på Kungliga Operans balettelevskola och gick ut skolan 1988 på Kungliga Svenska balettskolan. Blev efter det anställd på Kungliga Operan som 18-åring och utnämnd till solist 1993 och premiärdansös 2000. Hon dansade sin första huvudroll 1994 som Odette/Odile i Svansjön och efteråt följde roller som; Nikia/soloshades i La Bayadere […]

      • Katariina Edling

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 4, 2019

        Katariina was born in Finland. She started her dance education at a private ballet school in her hometown Turku. At the age of 16 she moved to Stockholm to continue her studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Katariina joined the Royal Swedish Ballet 1999 and was promoted to soloist 2009. She has been a […]

      • Tilman O´Donnell

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 4, 2019

        Tilman O´Donnell är född i USA och utbildade sig vid National Ballet School i Toronto (Kanada) och startade sin dansarkarriär i GöteborgsOperans balett under konstnärlig ledning av Anders Hellström. Under 2002 dansade Tilman i Staatstheater Saarbrücken under Marguerite Donlons ledning. 2003 kom han till Cullbergbaletten ledd av Johan Inger. Här var han fram till 2007. Från […]

      • Cilla Olsen

        Posted by Babis Harall on december 21, 2018

        Cilla Olsen var en av Sveriges mest anlitade, frilansande dansare. Cilla har dansat med koreografer som Cristina Caprioli, Kenneth Kvarnström, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin, Ina Christel Johannesen, Örjan Andersson och Per Jonsson. Cilla Olsen sysslade med tävlingsgymnastik under uppväxten i Säffle. Efter utbildningen på Balettakademien i Stockholm följde tre år på Norges nationalkompani för samtida […]

      • My Wild Flag

        Posted by Babis Harall on augusti 13, 2018

        Som ett återkommande regn av längtan och lust, svett och … MWF är tillbaka på DC STHLM.   My Wild Flag är dans- och performancefestivalen som vill skapa rum som är lika mycket  mycket “caring” som “daring”, med kroppar som läcker, motstår och vågar gå in i det okända. Mellan del lokala och internationella lyckas […]

      • Therese Carlsson

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 25, 2018

        Therese har arbetat som dansare, koreograf och danslärare sedan 1994. På scen har man bland annat kunnat se henne på Wallmans Salonger 1997, Guys And Dolls på Oscarsteatern 1998, dansmusikalen Showstoppers på Göta Lejon 2002, Klas Klättermus på Dramaten 2000, Victor/Victoria på Oscarsteatern 2003. Sverige har inte haft många kompanier genom tiderna som jobbat med […]

      • Fanny Svensson

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 25, 2018

        Utbildad på Jennie Widegrens linje i Stockholm, Dana Foglias program i Los Angeles och International Student Visa Program på Broadway Dance Center i New York m.fl. Har jobbat med/från CV: Moderna Museet i Stockholm, Adidas, Nike, Volvo, Eurovision Song Contest, Make Up Store, Peak Performance, Beckmans Designhögskola, Idol SE, Molly Sandén, Anastacia m.fl.

      • Eleanor Bauer

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 25, 2018

        Eleanor Bauer is a choreographer and performer working at the intersections of dance, writing, and music. Her work is rooted in a synthesis of embodied intelligences in her practice of making sense with the senses in performance. From solos to talk shows to large ensemble pieces, her versatile works range in scale, media, and genre, […]

      • Lisa Arnold

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 25, 2018

        Lisa Arnold har varit aktiv som dansare och koreograf inom den kommersiella delen av dans-Sverige i 15 år, och har parallellt med det undervisat på de flest dansskolor i Stockholmsområdet. Lisa Arnold har medverkat som dansare i ett flertal av Fredrik “Benke” Rydmans föreställningar och produktioner såsom Melodifestivalen, Eurovision Song Contest, Idol, Vintergalan mfl.

      • Andrew Champlin*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2018

        I am now living in Stockholm after many years in New York City where I trained at the School of American Ballet, earned a BA in sociology and dance at The New School University, and worked professionally with a wide range of choreographers and experimental artists in addition to teaching university students and professional contemporary […]

      • Yeya Ekström

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2018

        Yeya Ekström is an accredited and well-established performer, choreographer, director, dancer, presenter, promoter and hostess from Stockholm, Sweden whose popularity and highly creative and innovative style is well known throughout the world. Yeya is regarded as a most accomplished choreographer/teacher and has worked all throughout Europe and across the Atlantic as a freelancer for over […]

      • Erica Sobol*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2018

        Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious Capezio ACE Award & founder of Lobos Art Collective (formerly collidEdance), Erica Sobol is one of Los Angeles’s most sought after choreographers and educators. An LA native, Erica holds a BA in dance-theater from the illustrious Columbia University in New York City. Her service to the dance community has […]

      • Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 20, 2018

        Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir was born and raised in Iceland. She studied dance at the Artez University of Arts in Arnhem and Amsterdam. Along side working as a performer with various artists in Europe, Margrét Sara co-founded the production house Panic Productions in Iceland, with dancer and choreographer Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir, which was active from 2004 – […]


        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 20, 2018

        Morning Classes at MDT, 16-20 september 2019 AT ISSUE // After-Death-Dances // Vanessa Virta // INSISTER SPACE Hi! I will share my favourite thoughts and movements with you next week. After-death for me means right now alive, so the focus will be in pleasure in everything we do. I like some ballet moves, kicking legs, going […]

      • Ori Flomin

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 20, 2018

        Ori Flomin’s choreography has been presented in NYC at Gibney Dance, Dance Theater Workshop, PS122, Movement Research at Judson Church, DanceMopolitan at Joe’s Pub as well as internationally at venues in Austria, Japan, Germany , Norway, and Israel. He created commissioned work for Zenon Dance (Minneapolis) SADC Tisch , NYU (NYC), The Place (London), Purchase Dance […]

      • Daniel Koivunen

        Posted by Babis Harall on maj 24, 2018

        Daniel Koivunen sågs senast dansa i årets upplaga av Melodifestivalen. Han medverkade också b l a i Nötknäpparen, Stop Play Rewind och Swanlake av Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman på Dansens Hus. Han är medlem i hiphopgruppen Complete Dance Crew som har uppträtt på Dansens Hus flera gånger, senast under Urban Connection 2016 med verket ”Spezialisterna”. Som […]

      • Amir Ashoor

        Posted by Babis Harall on maj 7, 2018

        Amir Ashoor began with Dancehall and Hip Hop when he was 15 years old. Then he went to a street/hiphop education for 1.5 years and laid the foundation for the dance style he has today. Amir has appeared in several productions such as the Eurovision Song Contest, various tours around Europe, workshops and music videos. Amir […]

      • Benny Olk

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 26, 2018

        Benny Olk is dancer from Minneapolis, Minnesota and a graduate of NYU. He has worked with choreographers Lucinda Childs as a member of the Lucinda Childs Dance Company, as well as with Moriah Evans, Sarah Michelson, and Christopher Williams. He has performed in reconstructions of Merce Cunningham’s dances, notably Suite for Two and Crises . […]

      • Jaakko Kulmala

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 20, 2018

        Jaakko Kulmala is a Sweden-Finnish dancer, dance teacher and lecturer. He holds a BA in dance pedagogy and has studied dance at Peridance Capezio Center in New York. Jaakko has been a dancer for companies such as Mattox Art Lab Sweden, PDC Pori Dance Company, Tromäki Dance Company and Off/balance Dance Company. He’s been working […]

      • Adrienne Åbjörn

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 19, 2018

        Adrienne Åbjörn frilansar som koreograf och undervisar på Balettakademiens alla utbildningar. Är utbildad på Balettakademien Stockholm. Arbetar även inom fitness och har utbildningar som styrketränings instruktör, Core, aerobic och crosstraining instruktör. Tränar kampsport och har ett SM guld i kyokushin karate som hon tog 2011. Är verksam som koreograf  i Estland, Finland, Litauen och Sverige. Kommande […]

      • Daria Ivanova

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 10, 2018

        Born in Moscow, Russia. Studied in Ballet School of Tihomirnova and Dance Center Timofeevoi in Moscow. At the age of 15 moved to Lausanne, Switzerland where she first studied in Rudra Bejart School and 2 years later joined Bejart Ballet Lausanne. There she had honor to work with Maurice Bejart and interpreted a lot of […]

      • Christophe Dozzi*

        Posted by Babis Harall on mars 1, 2018

        Christophe Dozzi was born in Colmar, France in 1976. He trained in the Strasbourg National Conservatory of Music and Dance (1985-88) and the Paris Opera Ballet School (1988-93). Between 1993 and 2004, he has danced with the Jeune Ballet de France, the Zurich Ballet, NDT 2 & 1, and the Goteborg Ballet. In 2004, Dozzi […]

      • Milena Jacuniak

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 27, 2018

        Milena Jacuniak är ursprungligen från Malmö men bor numera i Stockholm. Hon undervisar på Scandinavian Dance Academy, House of Shapes och Diambra! Hon är verksam som dansare/koreograf för bl.a. Zara Larsson, Isa, Molly Sandén, Linda Pirra m.m. Hon har en 5-åring dansutbildning och träning inom Hip Hop and Commercial dans samt regelbundna klasser och workshops, […]

      • Chrysa Parkinson

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 1, 2018

        Chrysa Parkinson is a dancer living in Stockholm.  Her artistic research is focused on the performer’s experiential authorship. She lived in New York for many years and performed with Tere O’Connor Dance, Irene Hultman, Mia Lawrence, Jennifer Monson and Mark Dendy, among others. She began traveling to Belgium in 2000 to work on improvisational performance with […]

      • Papis Faye & Fannie Falk Faye

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 1, 2018

        Shortly about Fannie Falk Faye Fannie Falk Faye (Sweden) is educated in the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm 2010-2013 and P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts and Research studios) in Belgium 2013-2016. 2016 until now she is working as a freelance dancer. Partly in a dancecompany called ”Seneafrica” in Senegal during December and January 2016/2017 and have […]

      • Hans Nilsson

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 25, 2018

        Hans Nilsson gick ut Kungliga Teaterns Balettelevskola 1981 i Stockholm efter att ha påbörjat sin dansträning i USA där han är född och uppvuxen. Efter studierna började han genast i Kungliga Svenska Baletten i vilken han dansade i tjugofem år tills han avslutade där som Premiär- och Hovdansare 2006. Under sin tid på Operan dansade […]

      • Theo Clinkard*

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 25, 2018

        Following 20 performing in work by many of the UK’s most celebrated dance makers, choreographer, performer and stage designer, Theo Clinkard has swiftly built an international reputation for creating compelling and visually arresting dance works. In 2012, he launched his own company to develop a portfolio of work that explores the communicative potential of the body […]

      • Weld Company

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 11, 2018

        Weld Company samlar dansare och koreografer från olika generationer och sammanhang som vill utmana formaten för hur koreografi skapas. De fördjupar sig i olika koreografiska arbetsmetoder och i frågor kring det kollektiva och det gemensamma. Weld Company är ett förslag till hur man kan återupptäcka och omvärdera idén om hur ett danskompani fungerar och uppdaterar kompaniformen genom […]

      • Aron Blom

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 11, 2018

        Aron Blom – född och uppvuxen i Stockholm. Han studerade på Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan (2004-2006) och P.A.R.T.S (2006-2010). De senaste sju åren har han huvudsakligen arbetat som dans & performance-konstnär i olika projekt bl.a. Cesena – 2011 och Golden Hours (As you like it) – 2015 av Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas, La Substance, […]

      • Jan-Erik Wikström

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 11, 2018

        Wikström utbildades vid Kungliga Teaterns balettskola/Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan och anställdes vid Kungliga Baletten 1987 och blev solist 1991 och premiärdansare sedan 1993. År 2000 utnämndes han till hovdansare. 2001–2004 var han premiärdansör vid English National Ballet i London och dansade bland annat Svansjön och Romeo och Julia i Royal Albert Hall. Han har gästdansat på […]

      • Stephen Sheriff*

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 11, 2018

        Born in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Stephen lived in Jamaica until the age of 10.  He started ballet at 11 in Rayleigh, Essex with Vicky French. He was accepted into White Lodge at 13 and subsequently The Royal Ballet at 17 in 1976. Stephen danced with ‘Ballet for All’ for a year, gaining experience […]

      • Jarek Cemerek*

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 11, 2018

        Jarek Cemerek is an established Czech choreographer, teacher and dancer. In 2012 choreographed for the seniors at the Juilliard school in New York. In 2011, London Sadler’s Wells Theatre presented the premiere of his piece, Void, choreographed for the male dance company, BalletBoyz. Mr. Cemerek was selected from 160 choreographers participating in the audition. In 2011, he […]

      • Marc Ribaud

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 8, 2018

        I work as an international guest Ballet Master all year round with some of the most famous dance companies all over the world. My ballet class is specifically built for the daily ballet training of professional dancers. It has a clear focus on the precision of execution of classical ballet and it forces the dancers […]

      • Abby Crain

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 8, 2018

        Abby Crain is a San Francisco, CA based dance artist whose work researches the destabilization of time, space, and logic through the use of non-linear,  non-logical, often non-human frameworks for body based performance and movement making. Performance  credits include Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (2000-2008), and Sara Shelton Mann ( 2010-2017). She has served […]

      • Zoe Poluch

        Posted by Babis Harall on januari 8, 2018

        These days, Zoë Poluch wonders how and what a local practice can be, compelling her to decipher what ‘local’ and ‘practice’ really want. The practice at stake is choreography, the field in which she completed a masters degree in at DOCH, Stockholm in 2010. Zoë has not developed one distinct choreographic interest or signature, but […]

      • Aviance Yamamoto

        Posted by Babis Harall on oktober 30, 2017

        Aviance Yamamoto is the Prince of the Legendary House of  Yamamoto (NYC). He started Vogueing at the age of 13 competing in Balls since 1990. He is a legend in Ballroom Vogue, he has also danced for such artist like Grace Jones, Deee-lite, La India, LiL Kim, and Kevin Aviance. Since then I’ve been Judging […]

      • Sigal Zouk

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 22, 2017

        Sigal Zouk is a dancer/artist working in Berlin since 1997. She received her training at the Emek Izrael Dance School and joined the Bat-Sheva Ensemble from 1994-96. After moving to Berlin and working with artists such as Luc Dunberry and Juan Cruz Dias de Esanola, she became a member of  Sasha Waltz and Guests from […]

      • Jan Burkhardt*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Jan Burkhardt is a dancer, choreographer and musician based in Berlin,Germany. He is certified Laban-Bartenieff-Movement-Analyst and has been exploring contact improvisation, BMC , contemporary dance techniques and improvisational approaches for many years. Jans main interest has become to actively bridge somatic sensory awareness and performative practice. Currently Jan researches with Cecilia Roos on the question […]

      • Martin Kilvady*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Martin Kilvady was born in 1974 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, where he graduated from secondary school. Subsequently, he enrolled in a program for teacher education in contemporary dance at the Comenius University in Bratislava, the School of Music and Dramatic Arts where he received his “Master of Arts”.Choreographers and teachers who most influenced his further […]

      • Robin Jonsson

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Om Robin Jonsson Jag är koreograf sedan 12 år tillbaka och jag studerade vid P.A.R.T.S. 2004-2008. Innan dess studerade jag i 6 år vid Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan. Jag har tränat Kung-fu i 8 år men även Taekwon-do, Shorinji Kempo och sen nyligen även Thaiboxning. I’m a choreographer, producer and soundartist/technician. I’ve been touring works in […]

      • Anthony Lomuljo

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Anthony Lomuljo was born in Mountain View, California and trained at The Juilliard School, under the direction of Lawrence Rhodes receiving his B.F.A. in 2010. At his time at Juilliard he’s worked and created with Sidra Bell, David Parker, Adam Houghland, Johannes Wieland and Azsure Barton, as well as performed in the works of José […]

      • Elena Fokina

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Elena Fokina follows dance training at the University for Culture and the Russian Academy for Theatrical Arts in Moscow. In 1998 she graduates with a choreographer and teacher degree. From 1997 to 2001 she dances with the Russian Chamber Ballet Moscow. In 2001 she joins Ultima Vez, directed by Wim Vandekeybus, for the creations and […]

      • Shannon Cooney*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 21, 2017

        Shannon Cooney, Canadian choreographer, dancer/performer and dance educator based in Berlin, Germany since 2006, received a B.F.A honours/dance at York University, Toronto in 1992. Her choreography has been presented since 1993 in Canada, Europe the in the U.K. As a dancer she has performed in the works of numerous choreographers and she danced with Toronto-based […]

      • Gavriel Spitzer*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 20, 2017

        Gavriel Spitzer graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. He danced with the Batsheva Ensemble and the Batsheva Dance Company from 2000-2008.  In 2009 he joined Suzanne Dellal productions working with Barak Marshall and Renana Raz.  In 2002 he became a member of the Gaga teaching staff and continues to work […]

      • Mirva Mäkinen*

        Posted by Babis Harall on juni 20, 2017

        Mirva Mäkinen graduated (MA) from the Dance Department, University of the Arts, Finland in 2000, before that she did masters of Physical Education from University of Jyväskylä. 2010 she start to do doctoral studies in University of the Arts in Helsinki, her artistic research is about Somaesthetics of Contact Improvisation. She will have her dissortation […]

      • Emma Svedberg

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 21, 2017

        Emma Svedberg är utbildad vid Balettakademien i Stockholm 1992-95 samt vid dåvarande Danshögskolans pedagogutbildning med inriktning jazzdans 1996-99. Sedan 1999 har Emma verkat som jazzdanspedagog vid en mängd olika skolor. Hon var mellan 2001-2010 anställd vid Balettakademien, Stockholm och undervisade då både vid Förberedande- och Yrkesdansarutbildningen, Proffsklasserna samt vid Danskurserna. Hon har även undervisat på […]

      • Gabriella Kaiser

        Posted by Babis Harall on april 20, 2017

        Gabriella Kaiser är utbildad vid Balettakademien i Stockholm, avgångsår 2008 och har vidare utbildat sig i Los Angeles, där hon även har arbetsvisum och är signad med agenturen Bloc. Genom den har hon jobbat med bl.a Marty Kudelka, främst känd för att vara Justin Timberlakes fasta koreograf och regissör. Hon har även utbildat sig till […]

      • Arina Trostyanetskaya

        Posted by Babis Harall on mars 27, 2017

        Arina föddes i Omsk 1986 och erhöll sin dansexamen 2004 vid Vaganova Ballet Academy i Sankt Petersburg. Hon studerade därefter vid Ecole Rudra-Béjart i Lausanne fram till 2007 och ingick i balettens ensemble. 2009-2012 dansade Arina för Nederlands Dans Theatre för koreografer som Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin och Hans Van Manen. 2012 började hon vid […]

      • Matilda Fleberg

        Posted by Babis Harall on mars 17, 2017

        Biografi: Utbildad på Dana Foglias program i Los Angeles samt Jennie Widegrens & Ambra Succis utbildningar i Stockholm. Medverkat som dansare & koreograf i olika produktioner såsom Melodifestivalen, Julgalan, Eurovision, Idol, Xfactor, artistturnéer mm.

      • Philip Berlin

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 17, 2017

        Philip Berlin (f.1991) är baserad i Stockholm och arbetar sedan 2010 med dans och koreografi. Philip har de senaste åren samarbetat med bland andra ccap/Cristina Caprioli, Gisèle Vienne, Frédéric Gies och är tillsammans med Ulrika Berg initiativtagare till SUNDAY RUN_UP. Philip och Louise Dahl har samarbetat sedan 2015 och visade “Loss of disinhibition” på Moderna […]

      • Sighilt Pahl

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 16, 2017

        Sighilt Pahl fick sin yrkesutbildning vid Staatliche Ballettschule / Berlin (Vaganova metoden.) Första engagemang var på Staatsoper Unter den Linden / Berlin. (Klassisk repertoar. Svansjön, Törnrosa, Giselle, Chopiniana) Därefter bytte hon till Komische Oper som solist. Från 1972 dansade Sighilt Pahl med  Cullbergbaletten under 10 år. Under denna tid skapade hon roller för Birgit Cullberg […]

      • Matan David

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 15, 2017

        Matan David was born in Rishon Le Zion, Israel in 1982. Matan started as a folklore dancer and later got accepted to the Talma Yalin art school in Givatayim where he trained professionally alongside attending the Bat Dor dance school in Tel Aviv. While he was still in school he was selected to take part […]

      • Helena Franzén

        Posted by Babis Harall on februari 15, 2017

        Helena Franzén koreograf och dansare! Helena Franzén har varit verksam som koreograf och dansare i över tjugofem år och koreograferat närmare åttio verk. I Helena Franzéns arbete sätts den dansande, musikaliska kroppen i fokus. I hennes arbete är hon hängiven sitt detaljerade rörelsespråk som är laddat med intrikata flöden, gränslösa variationer, explosivitet och poetisk närvaro. […]