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Papis Faye & Fannie Falk Faye

SABARP1020290Shortly about Fannie Falk Faye
Fannie Falk Faye (Sweden) is educated in the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm 2010-2013 and P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts and Research studios) in Belgium 2013-2016. 2016 until now she is working as a freelance dancer. Partly in a dancecompany called ”Seneafrica” in Senegal during December and January 2016/2017 and have been buissy as a choreographer and director for ”DIG IT” in dansens hus in Stockholm during the spring. During the summer she was working with a new production ICEBERG with a nordic Company called ”Jäävouri”. For the moment she is buissy organizing and training for future projects in Senegal and with the company Jäävouri.


SABARFullSizeRenderShortly about Papis Faye
Papis Faye (Senegal) based in Belgium and Stockholm, for the moment studying in ”P.A.R.T.S” (Performing Arts and Research studios) Brussels, Belgium. Previously he is educated in Blaise Senghor and Ecole des Sables in Senegal, school of Maman germaine Acogny. When he was in Senegal he was a member of the Company ”Seneafrica” who are doing different kind of West African dance included Sabar dance and Afro contemporary. He has a big knowledge of his tradition dance called Sabar which he use to teach in different schools around Europe.