Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Phyllis Akinyi

Phyllis Akinyi is a Danish-Kenyan dancer and choreographer, currently studying an MA in Flamencology at the conservatory of music in Barcelona (ESMUC). Trained in traditional flamenco in Madrid, Seville and Berlin, Akinyi has spent the last five years developing a flamenco practice rooted in African Diasporic embodied  spiritual traditions. Her latest work G.R.I.E.F. is a durational exploration of emotional release and spiritual trance through flamenco rhythms, which premiered at Yellow Fish Festival in New York in May 2021.

The class:

Flamenco Lab

This class is a flamenco ‘taster’ but a distinctive kind. We’re investigating the basic elements of flamenco with a focus on the relation between feelings and movement.  We’ll work with different techniques helping the individual dancer to develop their rhythmic abilities in correlation with improvisation and emotional expression.
Together we’ll create a space in which melancholy, anger and joy can co-exist.
It’s a class for dancers who are interested in embarking on a journey inwards, and who are curious about polyrhythms, bodily sound, and ancestral movement.
We invite you to participate the whole week but you are also welcome to drop-in.
The class will be taught barefoot.