Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Sebastian Lingserius

Sebastian Lingserius
As a choreographer Sebastian desires to re‐think life and and its physical forces. Always critical to how the gravity impacts the body, as much as how cultural projections curtails the body. With a smile to the never ending hunt for trend, Sebastian turns to the bastardization of conservative norms, speculating on another body, always choosing a healthy distance, but always ready to be a true believer. Considering his work to be involved in the fabrication of new rules for the body and its behaviors.

Sebastian Lingserius attended the master program in choreography at the University of Arts in Sthlm headed by Mårten Spångberg between 2008‐2010. Since then he has been creating over 20 full evening shows, installations, and other choreographic activities with a strong base in Stockholm. 

About the class

This class will introduce frameworks that shift, bends, and over/under-mine the bodily patterns of the ballet bar.

This is an expansion of it, but also a proposal for critical body-mind’s put in actualization.

Instead of talking about a tendu or a plié, the words ”tåfjutt” and ”knä-böj” will comically change the understanding/investigation/expansion for concepts of moving in ballet. The aim for the straight line is eradicated for a more curved, ”improvisational”, other-than-straight-way approach, to moving the surfaces (even limbs) of the body towards it’s destiny, or aka ”tåfjutt”. Lets make our bodies sweat!