Daglig träning Balettakademien och Danscentrum Stockholm

Sebastian Lingserius

Sebastian Lingserius attended the master program in choreography at DOCH headed by Mårten Spångberg between2008-2010. Sebastian’s latest piece ”POLY” had premiere at MDT in Sthlm, and before that ”KROPPSMASKINER” which premiered in The House of Dance in the autumn of 2017. Retrospectively he has done pieces in important housesin Sweden since 2010 since finishing the MA. Sebastian produces all of his work through his company KASS Production with continues support from, among others the Swedish Arts Council.

The class he wishes to give is divided in two, first part is a Ballet bar, or rather a Ballet bar with which the fundamental exercises at the bar is done, (with some extra body folds added). The second part departs from a practice called Rush Motion: Through high intensive motion, re-imagination of our future mechanic selves, and drastic Stops, this bodily practice promotes new triggers for sensory experiences. An improvisation that starts from an idea of the divided/ isolated/fragmented body, and returns into a new entity where cyborgs, imaginary AND real flesh are animated. Moving through a cogwheel body, passing through the oily body, flirtingwith the representative body, and returning to the “empty” body.

Sebastians is interested in how philosophical concepts can help produce bodily frameworks to reimagine social behavior. His work emphasizes different ways to escape recurrent patterns of the body. To insist upon the body’s ability for transformation and to shift the perspective of dance. But in order to accomplish that, a deep knowledge is needed about one’s own body, on its limits and capacities, to always be ready to sweat, or to ”break a leg”. Get ready for a true ”dancer” experience!