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xiri tara noir

xiri tara noir (they/them/princess) is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer working in the expanded field of performance art, community activism and choreography. with roots in the radical queer feminist community, s.he explores care, rest and anti-perfectionism as forms of resistance. xiri’s choreographic practice explores the boundaries and hierarchies between ‘artist’ and ‘audience’ and between what it means to be observing or participating in an event.

About the class/ Title: pleasure zombies

pleasure zombies is non-hierarchical training practise. we will work with how to practice from a place of rest, imperfection and pleasure. all kinds of pleasures. and we will explore what happens individually and collectively when we practise from this space. to attend this class you must be ready to break with tabus around shaming, competition and exhaustion/overproduction as value systems. the training celebrates body positivity and is inclusive and open to all genders and bodies, but encourages womxn/fem and queer identities to participate.

The training can be assisted for dancers with visual impairment, but unfortunately not with hearing impairments. class will be in english, but language isn’t a barrier for participation.

more info www.xiritaranoir.wordpress.com
Instagram: xiri_tara_noir